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We’re developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Abbots Langley, and we need your help in developing a vision for the future. This is your opportunity to have your say about the Abbots Langley Parish area, what you like and dislike, and what you think might improve the area, so that we can consider your views as part of our next stage of planning.

Have your say - take the initiative rather than just responding to proposals from ‘outsiders.’ We want to encourage groups in all the different neighbourhoods to share their ideas with us. As local residents and businesses, we recognize you know best what is good or needs improving in your locality.

There are many communities in the Abbots Langley civil parish

The civil parish is far more than just the village of Abbots Langley. We would like local groups from each neighbourhood to help us with our work, including: Abbotswood Park, Bedmond, Boundary Way, Furtherfield, Gade Valley, Hillside, Hunton Bridge, Langleybury, Leavesden, Pimlico, Primrose Hill, Roman Gardens, Toms Lane as well as neighbourhood groups in the Abbots Langley village.

Help us with the Abbots Langley Neighbourhood Plan

Commonplace is a crowd-source tool that makes it easy to add your comments and ideas to help build the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan in our civil parish. All residents, local businesses and organisations in the Parish of Abbots Langley are encouraged to take part in this exercise. Start by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ in the top right of the web page and answer the sign up questions. For subsequent visits to the site, you can just log in.

Have your say

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a community-led process for guiding the future development and conservation of an area. The procedure was introduced by National Government in 2012 as a means to enable local people to have direct involvement in how their area can be improved in providing new facilities, use of land and preserving what is best about their locality. The outcome is a document, developed by members of a community, to outline plans for the future of their area. Learn more at

How does it work?

We will let you know the findings before we prepare the Neighbourhood Plan. You can then participate in the development of the plan before an independent inspector reviews it. Before the plan is accepted there is a local referendum by the local population for which majority approval is required. If this is achieved, then the Neighbourhood Plan becomes an important component for future development in the Abbots Langley Parish.

Who is coordinating this Neighbourhood Plan?

The Parish Council has appointed a twelve-person team of local residents to coordinate the work programme.

How can I contact you?

All correspondence should be sent to the Parish Office at:
Abbots Langley Parish Council, Langley Road, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, WD5 0EJ.

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